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Al Rahmaniya legal translation service is a trusted and certified translation company in Dubai providing all kind of document translation services legally acceptable for official, business or personal use in any language. Our team of professionals and highly experienced native translators are well-trained to convey translations professionally for not just documents but also provides website translation, Medical, technical, marketing content, financial domains and all kind of Certified and legal translation services with the essence of Quality, tone, context, terminology from one language to another. Our mission is to serve all clients across the Middle East for personal and business needs on time and at competitive rates, ensuring confidentiality, comprehensive, and precise translation services delivered instantly.

Unique Standards

We offer the highest-quality legal translation services, adhering to the highest international standards. Our expertise always aligns with the professional standards and requirements of legal translation services in Dubai, UAE. 

Qualified Team

We have a team of the best translators and linguists who are equipped with the expertise to provide top-notch translation services in Dubai, UAE. 

Our Company

We are leading legal translation company in Dubai. We have been leading this industry for decades, know the requirements of our customers in Dubai, and offer legal translation services to more than 50 industries in UAE.

Our Trusted Services

Our services are always dedicated to helping our individual and corporate clients overcome cultural and linguistic barriers by translating and proofreading services provided by the top legal translation company in Dubai, UAE. 

What We Have Done

Providing legal translation services in Dubai for decades, Al Rahmaniya has gained a good reputation. We are behind the success of every company. If you are searching for Legal translation services, look no further than Al Rahmaniya legal translation in Dubai.

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We Aim To Be The Most Trusted And Reliable Legal Translation Company in Dubai, UAE

Professional Legal Translation Service In Dubai

To Fulfill Your Unique Demands

You may rely on our qualified translators for all of your legal translation needs in Dubai. Thanks to a dedicated team of professionals, we provide accurate and specialized translation services in all of industries, including legal, technology and medical. We provide legal translation in Dubai for different types of documents, including academic transcripts, contracts, patents, marriage certificates, immigration documents and more in over 120+ languages and dialects. We also manage press releases, police case screenshots, user manuals, court documents, embassy paperwork, official regulations, terms and conditions, and website material. You can rely on us to provide accurate translations that meet your needs.

Legal Translation Service

Legal Translation in Dubai

Get our legal translation services in Dubai to support your legal, immigration, professional, and academic document translation. Al Rahmaniya has access to 100+ certified and legal translators duly approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

Certified Translation Service

Certified Translation in Dubai

We are one of the leading translation companies certified by the UAE Ministry and provide certified legal translation in Dubai. Our professionals are experts in translating contracts, agreements, certificates, and other documents. 

Website Translation Service

Website Translation in Dubai

Connect with a larger audience via our website translation in Dubai. Our legal translation services in Dubai will help you translate different types of websites. 

Document Translation Service

Document Translation in Dubai

Want to translate your document? Then don’t worry because we are here to translate all your documents. We curate every translation carefully to make sure there are no flaws in our created documents.

Interpretation Service

Interpretation Services Dubai

Sometimes, foreign customers are not fully certified by written commitment and want to talk with you in person or by phone. This is where our interpretation services come in. We have a team of qualified interpreters who can assist you in a variety of subjects in all the major languages of the world.

Business Translation Service

Business Translation in Dubai

Want to translate your business related documents and other business-related thing then we are here. At Al Rahmaniya, our business translation professionals can understand your business uniqueness and help you succeed in the world of business with the best translation services in Dubai.

Typing Translation Service

Typing Service Dubai

We offer you the best typing services to help you succeed in the typing world as well. We have qualified and steadfast typers who can type your document very quickly.

Looking For Legal Translation Services in Dubai?

Al Rahmaniya is a translation company providing legal translation in Dubai certified by UAE Ministry of Justice. We specialize in translating legal documents in Dubai. Connect with us to get the best legal translation service in Dubai. 

Meet Our Legal Translation Team

Expertise Team

Arabic Localizers

Our legal translation team in Dubai is not just a group of Arabic localizers. We have highly skilled and experienced team of professionals who excel in localization. We understand that localization is not just about translating words but about adapting a product, content, or service to meet the needs of a culture and particular language of the target audience. Our team manages large localization projects professionally and always delivers on time.

Customer Satisfaction


At Al Rahmaniya, we take pride in our team of legal translators. They are not just professionals but individuals who are dedicated to their craft. Each one of our team members is a native translator, highly trained, and has a degree in linguistics and translation. They bring years of experience in the translation industry and have expertise in various fields. We believe in the power of language and culture, so our translators work exclusively in their native language.

Outstanding Client List

Project Managers

We understand that the success of a translation project depends on effective project management. That’s why we assign a leading project manager to be with you every step of the way. Our project managers are not just coordinators, but leaders who create a plan, coordinate resources, and understand your requirements to deliver an accurate and high-quality legal translation in Dubai, UAE.

About Laws


We have an experienced talent pool of interpreters across all major languages to ensure our clients always communicate clearly with your customers. To offer quality translation services, we cooperate only with highly skilled interpreters; each interpreter in our translation team has a minimum of 5 years of experience as a professional interpreter. Our interpreters are well-trained in their specialization and tested in practice. Al Rahmaniya aims to facilitate communication and create global value between people by providing reliable interpretation services for all our clients.

Our Process

Get Started With Our Legal Translation in Dubai

Are you stressed about going outside to get your documents or other important versions translated? Then don’t stress, our legal translation service will help you avoid all the problems. To get our services, just call us now to find out the time and cost. Once confirmed, our translator will finish your translation ASAP, and our support will deliver your work before deadline.

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Why Choose Us For Legal Translation in Dubai, UAE?

Swift Turnaround

We can understand how important your project and deadline can be, so we offer quick turnaround to all our customers. Our dedicated legal translation team will work day and night to complete your project and meet your most challenging turnaround requirements.

Expert Translators

Our are known for providing the best legal translation services in Dubai to our clients. We have a network of expert translators in the industry. Our translators are experts in their subject areas and the most spoken languages in UAE. 

Expertise in Legal Translation

We have a team of experts who are well aware of the legal systems of each country and experts in translating your legal documents, ranging from marriage certificates and birth to laws and decrees. Al Rahmaniya is the only trusted name in terms of quality legal translation services in Dubai. 

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Our Legal Translation is Accepted Everywhere

At Al Rahmaniya, we combines cutting-edge tactics and data-driven methods to fulfill your needs and improve your first impression. Our legal  translation services are acknowledged and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), government offices, banks, colleges, the Dubai Land Department, UAE courts, free zones, and the Road and Transport Authorities, among other official institutions in the UAE. Our certification by the Ministry of Justice in the UAE and by all embassies demonstrates our dedication to quality and thoroughness and assures the authenticity and reliability of our legal translations for a multitude of government institutions.

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What Our Clients Has to Say


Arith Orwa

Excellent legal translation service. We usually have many project related to our business and I always get the excellent legal translation service from Al Rahmaniya legal and certified translation.


Esmam Salah Rao

I am quite satisfied with their legal translation serviced, al rahmaniya Translation Company delivers best as fast as possible they are very courteous and professional.


Hurran Abo Sedek

Amazing services! Deliver my document off on Sunday afternoon, highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide 100% certified translation services on time by certified subject matter experts. Our certified translation documents are accompanied by a certified indication that the translation was conveyed by a professional certified translator. If you want to use our certified document translation services, please contact us for more information on the cost of certified translation.

Ordering a legal translation is very simple; just contact us via email and share your document. Our dedicated project manager will respond to you as soon as possible, or you can visit our website.

Absolutely, we offer professional website translation services in Dubai. We customize legal translation services to match your target audience at competitive rates. To get more information  about our translation services, contact us via email or visit our website. 

You will be required to translate Dubai for non-Arabic documents that have been attested to Arabic; your document must be translated by a Ministry of Justice-approved translator.

According to latest updates, the cost of legal translation Dubai starts from $0.09 to $0.30 per word based on language pair and other factors. But we at Al Rahmaniya translate your document at an affordable price without compromising on the quality of the content.

Yes, the demand for dedicated legal translators in Dubai continues to grow as the legal field increases globally. Professional Legal translators with expertise and specialized knowledge and skills have the opportunity to thrive in the legal industry.