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LEGAL TRANSLATION DUBAI provides certified translation Dubai, and is fully qualified to provide translation of official documents. We translate and certify all the documentation needed by any institution, assisting you in navigating through any nation and any language you desire.

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Certified Translation Services in Dubai

Why do you need certified translation Dubai?

certified translation services

You’ll probably need to submit tonne of documentation if you travel or conduct business abroad. Additionally, several nations demand that this documentation be translated into their official language.

With the help of our professional translation service, this will go smoothly and quickly. We make it simple for you by offering translations for your papers that are thorough, technically accurate, and entirely true to the original, as well as a free certificate of correctness that ensures our work.

Your trusted provider of certified translation Dubai

Here at LEGAL TRANSLATION DUBAI, we want to provide translation services that guarantee your satisfaction. We work hard to ensure that our translations are of the highest calibre and adhere to all applicable standards because of this.

Global network of highly qualified translators

LEGAL TRANSLATION DUBAI maintains a network of more than 20,000 language professionals from all around the world. You may be sure that your translated documents are entirely compliant since our translators are professionals in what they do and because we will walk you through the process of getting your needs.

Certified translation Dubai for acceptance in public and private offices

Our Dubai certified translations are guaranteed for acceptance in public and private institutions such as Ministry of foreign affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Courts, Ministry of Human Resources, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Immigration and Naturalization, and many more.

We provide certified translation Dubai for a variety of use

Official translation covers a wide variety of paperwork required by different kinds of institutions. Here are some of the most common documents that need certified translation:

Immigration Documents

The UAE and other immigration governing bodies around the world require translated documents to be certified by companies like LEGAL TRANSLATION DUBAI to guarantee that translated documents are accurate replicas of the originals. Documents cannot be submitted to these institutions without a certificate of accuracy from a recognized firm or translator.

Learn more about our immigration translation services.

Apostille Translations

Our certified translation Dubai are guaranteed for acceptance in public and private institutions such as the United Arab Emirates, Middle east countries, United States, Canada, Germany, France Immigration Services and many

Learn more about our apostille translations.

Most types of legal translation require certification. Legal translation experience is necessary for certified translation Dubai of legal documents, therefore the translator must be well-versed in both the source and target countries’ legal systems.

Learn more about our legal translations.

Medical Documents

Medical documents are often required for travel abroad. To ensure that all technical words are properly translated in the target language, certified medical translation requires the experience of a language expert who also works in the medical industry.

Learn more about our medical translations.

Notarized Translation

Notarized translation is a separate service that is often confused with certified translation Dubai. On the other hand, it frequently serves as an essential complement for various formal document formats. To guarantee complete compliance coverage, we offer both certified and notarized translations.

Learn more about our notarized translations.

Academic Documents

Translating academic documents like transcripts and other certificates is an important step if you are planning to study abroad. You can get your documents ready in time for the semester with the help of our speedy delivery and round-the-clock service.

Learn more about our academic documents translations.

Other documents covered by our official translation services

LEGAL TRANSLATION DUBAI has the answer for even the most specialised of requirements. We have access to a broad spectrum of business experience as a result of our years of engagement with businesses around the globe. Among the texts we translate are the following:

Birth certificates
Vaccine records
Marriage certificates
Death certificates
Medical records
Bank statements
Academic transcripts
Divorce certificates
Business licenses

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LEGAL TRANSLATION DUBAI’ company strategy has always placed the needs of the customer first, which accounts for our reasonable translation rates. We promise a 15-minute response time for project and price requests, round-the-clock assistance, and accuracy warranty on each job.

Certified translators in over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs

We at LEGAL TRANSLATION DUBAI are happy to be able to offer certified document translation services covering a wide range of languages, including a number of rare languages. Each translator undergoes a strict vetting process, and we always make sure we choose someone with the qualifications to provide certified translation Dubai.

Whether you need certified English translation, or official document translation in any other language, LEGAL TRANSLATION DUBAI has you covered.









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At LEGAL TRANSLATION DUBAI, we work round the clock to provide you with the right service. Each member of our translation team ensures consistent quality across languages. Each linguist handles thousands of projects each year. This dedication to each translation project is shown in our 98% customer satisfaction rate from 95,000 clients.


Got a question? No problem. We’ve covered the most common queries below. If there’s anything else you want to know, simply  get in touch.

What is a certified translation Dubai?

A certified translator or a certified translation agency’s mark of approval is required for any formal translation services.
This is a certification stating that the document has been faithfully and accurately translated.

We employ a variety of strategies to achieve this, including our internationally recognized quality assurance process and the selection of qualified translators. By doing this, we can make sure that you are receiving a formal assurance that both you and international institutions can rely on.

How secure are your online certified translation Dubai services?

All work handled using a well-updated translation management system to ensure security from end to end of the translation project.

How can Express ensure that my translated documents are accepted?

At LEGAL TRANSLATION DUBAI, we make every effort to follow through on our guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

For our certificate translation services, we assign only our senior translators to the job so as to avoid any mistakes someone less experienced might miss.

All work undergoes a more stringent QA process than normal, involving more checks by experienced editors and/or project managers in accordance with a codified standard for certified translation Dubai.

To further ensure your satisfaction, all our translations come with a one-year guarantee. This means you’re insured for one year of all your translation projects with us.

What’s the difference between certified and notarized translations?

These two services are frequently mistaken for one another, yet they are distinct from one another. A certified translation Dubai is one that was completed by a certified translator and includes a certificate of correctness attesting to the translation’s exact accuracy to the source text. A translation that has been notarized, on the other hand, comes with a document proving the translator’s identification. To further confirm the legitimacy of the documents, several institutions do demand both for the translation of official documents.

Why do some sections read awkwardly in the translation?

The standard for certified translation Dubai has special criteria that differ greatly from regular translation..There is no room for interpretation in a certified translation Dubai, therefore each word must be translated accurately. This restriction is frequently undetectable, but in longer sentences it could show up as uncomfortable phrasing. However, you may be confident that they won’t affect the acceptability of your translated document.

What is the turnaround time for certified document translation?

Our turnaround times will depend on the volume of the work, but in normal cases we will get back to you with finished output within 24 hours or less. We also have options for more time-sensitive cases.

Our services are available 24/7, so you can be sure that we are ready to take on your project as soon as you get in touch.