9 Best Translation Blogs Every Translator Should Read

9 Best Translation Blogs Every Translator Should Read

We searched while using the Google search engine for the best legal translation Abu Dhabi guide every translator should need to follow, and here we share our ultimate favorites.

What are the basic requirements for a successful translation career? Target language and command of the source. Moreover, familiarity and good style with both cultures of the language you translate from as well as the pitfalls of our own culture.

However, translation is about more than just giving the meaning of text from one language to another. People face many difficulties that lie in waiting for a fresh and expert translator- as this job is business like all others. Every translator must be aware of what to expect.

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Websites That Help People finding Informative Blogs for translators

What are the advantages of CAT tools? How does a software localization tool work? What methods must you use to maximize networking in the language translation services industry? To boost your career as a translator and get answers to your questions, we have compiled a list of the top translation blogs to follow now.

1.    ProZ.com blog

ProZ.com is the world’s top community of language professional legal translation Abu Dhabi agencies. Counting more than 1M users, the platform goal is to help translators through opening boards networking, and discussion forums. Their blogs are the best source for expert translators who plan to grow their careers and further their skills as freelancers. It offers insight into making the best of CAT topics and tools, such as endangered or rare languages worldwide. Blog readers can also find many handy business tips around freelancing, finding new clients, and collaborating with translating agencies.

2.    Tomedes translators blog

Tomedes is a global localization and content transformation service provider. Their blog tackles topics such as law and document taxation translation, Arabic-to-English translation, and common problems with legal translation services, natural language processing, and business expansion processing in digital content. The blogs could also interest translation professionals and localizations who want to learn more about the challenges industries face and business clients looking to solve. Their B2B content is primarily aimed at business leaders looking to solve real problems through improved marketing and communications strategies. The LSP offers other adjacent services such as transcription, content writing, and proofreading, so readers can also come across video acting, transcription tips, and content addressing SEO.

3.    Slator

Company founded by Andrew Smart and Florian Faes, media professionals, and seasoned translators, Slator is the treasure trove of the language industry trends, the latest news in machine translation, translation studies, and the rising stars in translation services. The blog you find on this website is ideal for any language professional willing to gain a well-rounded understanding of what innovative new language services providers bring to the table and how the industry works. Readers also find information on policies, language regulations, and worldwide research.

4.    Translators without Borders

This US-based non-profit organization starts translation services to remove language barriers from critical international development and humanitarian efforts. Their blog emphasizes the humanitarian aspect of translation, such as how translation can help prevent sexual exploitation and how translation chatbots can help people in the democratic republic of Congo acquire information on COVID-19. This website is a fantastic resource for one searching for how to understand better how language translation services can help humanitarian efforts worldwide and want to enter the world of international development.

5.    Comtec Translation Blog

The blog centers on Comtec translation and the use of translation as a marketing tool for business growth. Its B2B blogs are primarily aimed at business runners searching for methods to solve real-life problems through enhanced marketing and communication strategies. Their contributions may also greatly support translators who want to understand the challenges, behaviors, and needs of customers. Some commonly covered topics revolve around building sound international marketing strategies, developing effective internal communications strategies for employee engagement, or boosting customer engagement through marketing transition.

6.    Training for Translators

Established in 2006 by Corinne McKay, author, and translator of the book “How to Succeed as a freelance translator,” getting training from translators is an excellent resource for starters looking to hone their business skills and break into translation as a freelancer. The blog promotes master classes and courses on different interpretation and translation niches while sharing insider tips and tricks on finding clients and marketing yourself. Webinars and courses on medical and legal translation sit alongside tips on diversifying and networking your freelance business (for example, through copywriting).

7.    Lingualinx

A localization and translation service provider, Lingualinx blogs major aimed at language and business enthusiasts who want to understand the nuances between various language translations. Readers can find amazing facts about the Arabic language’s influence on different languages worldwide and then read more about how to localize global digital marketing campaigns. Anyone willing to learn more about how language impacts business performance and wants to go beyond the technicalities of translation will find this blog to be the best resource.

8.    The DayBlog

Day Translations is a leading translation agency, and its blogs address a list of topics, from the importance of transcreation and subtitling to destination highlights and local cultural curiosities across the world. The blog is perfect for established translation professionals who want to stand up with the latest trends in the industry, as well as business owners who wish to adjust their brand messaging and contemplate expansion. Visitors can find courtroom interpretation and sections on medical, mobile apps, video games, and general insights into history and art.

9.    eMpTy Page

Kirti Vashee Personal Reflection Space, a seasoned IT and language industry professional, eMpTy Page, is the best resource for translators interested in technology. The other commenter and author shared detailed opinions on translation, localization, and machine management systems. They also discuss different points of view on the state of the translation market as well as its opportunities and challenges. Such as a more innovative implementation of the latest technologies to make the most of the localization and translation projects and call on the excellent use of machine translation to enhance business outcomes.

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