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We offer the best interpretation services in practically every industry, In order to provide language interpretation services from enterprises to individuals in more than 120 languages and 950+ language pairs, for numerous use cases. We offer different styles of interpretation. We offer quick turnaround times and round-the-clock customer assistance with our interpretation services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other major cities of the UAE.

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Interpretation services can be used in practically any sector imaginable, whether it be for medical interpreting, legal interpreting or other interpreting needs.

Medical Interpretation

The provision of essential services for person, who require medical communication is made possible by medical interpreters, which is an integral part of critical care. They are crucial employees who provide interpretation services back and forth between patients and healthcare professionals in emergency circumstances, hospitals, home care settings, and rehabilitation centers. Language barriers can be crossed with the help of medical interpreters to provide vital critical care.

Legal interpreters deliver messages from a lawyer or court to the person or institution in the legal area. Courtrooms, law firms, and other legal settings use legal interpreters. legal Interpreting services are required in the legal industry because one misinterpretation could result in someone can have the biggest loss. Each of our Legal interpreters is fluent in two or more languages as well as in the law.

Business Interpretation

Business translators have the unique duty of a go-between for one business representative to another during a remote webinar, physical conference, or straightforward business meeting. They serve as messengers for talks, agreements, and other matters, which makes their function crucial for multinational corporations.

Conference Interpretation

For conferences and seminars, multiple interpreters are typically needed for simultaneous interpretation or consecutive interpretation. For conferences and seminars, interpretation is crucial for communicating information about the current activities, the rules, the schedule, and the events themselves.

Personal Interpretation

We offer personal interpretation services in more than 120 languages and 950+ language pairs for small enterprises and individuals. Personal interpreters translate results from one language into another and offer them to their clients in clear terms. We only offer personal interpreters upon request, and our customer service line is available around-the-clock.

Sign Language Interpretation

In order to provide services to the disabled, the deaf, or the hard of hearing, sign language interpretation is crucial. The sign language interpreters offered by our agency are skilled in both American Sign Language and any other sign language interpretation system.

Interpretation Services the way you want it

Phone Interpretation Services

A speaker, a listener, and an interpreter communicate in three ways while using over-the-phone language interpretation services, often known as phone interpretation services. For conventions, Zoom meetings, and more, over-the-phone language interpreters will help and offer sequential interpreting services.

Simultaneous Interpretation Services

With simultaneous interpretation, a speaker can speak without pausing as the interpreter translates what they are saying verbatim. Al Rahmaniya Legal Translation Dubai is a company that offers simultaneous interpretation services and is well-equipped to offer interpreters in more than 120 different languages.

Consecutive Interpretation Services

Consecutive interpretation is the mode of interpreting that allows the speaker and the interpreter to take turns speaking, and then translating. The professional interpreters at Al Rahmaniya Legal Translation Dubai have the advantage of knowing both consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation, providing linguistic expertise for both types of interpretation.

Video Remote Interpretation Services

A crucial component of video interpretation services offered by Al Rahmaniya Legal Translation Dubai is video remote interpreting. The practice of providing language or sign language interpretation over video using video equipment in both locations is known as video remote interpreting. For those who are illiterate in the source language, video remote interpreters we offer crucial services.

On-Site Interpretation Services

The interpreter can accompany the speaker on the scene during an event or an emergency thanks to on-site interpreting services. On-site interpreting services, as opposed to telephonic interpretation services, must interpret at the conference or event itself, providing a live interpretation line for crucial language services.

Secure and compliant interpretation services

Your information will always be secure and kept private with us. To keep your information confidential for all of our interpreting services, we use authority approved equipment for our project managers and translators. Additionally, we use end-to-end encryption when you email us documents or use one of our interpreting services on the platforms of your choice.

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Which is interpretation language?

Programming languages that are interpreted allow instructions to be executed directly and unrestricted without first being compiled into machine-language instructions.

Why is language interpretation important?

Effective communication between people all around the world is made possible via interpretation. They protect cultural traditions, spread knowledge, and promote improved commercial communication on a worldwide scale.