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Are you in need of legal translation services for your documents to support various applications in Dubai, UAE, or at a UAE Embassy? Al Rahmaniya Translation offers a comprehensive solution with access to hundreds of certified translators approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice. Our services are easily accessible online and ensure quick delivery with guaranteed acceptance.

How to Get Started

  1. Place an Order: Choose the service you require, specify details such as length and languages, upload your files, select options, and provide any additional notes.
  2. Translator Assignment: Your job will be assigned to a professional translator who is a native speaker with extensive experience in your subject matter.
  3. Order Delivery: Receive your requested translation on or before the deadline, with the opportunity to review and request changes if necessary.

Countries Supported Globally

We provide official translations accepted globally, including:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • UAE / Dubai

We also offer legally approved and certified translations with an Apostille accepted in all 86 countries party to the Hague Convention.

Legal Translators in Dubai

If you intend to submit non-Arabic documents for an official application within the UAE or to utilize a UAE-issued document abroad, legal translation is required.

Here are some of the requirements:

Legal Translation Requirements in Dubai, UAE

For official purposes in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, foreign-issued non-Arabic documents require legal translation. A legal, certified translation involves a translator duly authorized by the Ministry of Justice UAE, translating and certifying the document into Arabic, affixing their signature and stamp.

Legal translations in the UAE are governed by Cabinet Resolution 7 of 2014. This resolution declared that individuals providing legal translation services for the state must be registered and licensed by the competent authority.

Al Rahmaniya Translation collaborates with legal translators approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice, ensuring they possess the necessary licenses to conduct legal translations in Dubai, UAE.

Documents Issued Abroad for Use in Dubai, UAE

Documents issued outside the UAE and used within Dubai or across the UAE must go through the following processes to be deemed acceptable:

  1. Apostille / Legalization: Depending on the country’s affiliation with The Hague Convention, the document may require an Apostille or legalization from the issuing government or authority. Initial notarization by a Notary Public may be necessary before obtaining an Apostille.
  2. UAE Embassy Attestation: Present the document, along with its Apostille, to the UAE Embassy in the respective country to acquire embassy attestation.
  3. MOFA Attestation: Following the UAE embassy attestation, the document can be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE for further attestation.
  4. Legal Translation: Non-Arabic documents that have undergone attestation necessitate legal translation into Arabic by a translator approved by the Ministry of Justice.
  5. MOJ Certification: To authenticate the legal translation, the translator’s signature must be attested by the Ministry of Justice.

Al Rehmaniya Translation collaborates with Notaries Public in various countries and can facilitate the coordination of the aforementioned steps for documents issued in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, USA, Canada, Netherlands, and Australia.

Documents Issued in Dubai, UAE for Use Abroad

When utilizing documents issued within the UAE for international purposes, such as birth or marriage certificates, power of attorneys, or legal contracts, they can be certified/attested within the UAE before being recognized abroad.

  1. MOFA Attestation: The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs attests to all UAE-issued documents, including personal, business certificates, and legal papers. Prior visits to a Notary Public and the Ministry of Justice may be required before attestation.
  2. Certified Translation: Once the document receives MOFA attestation, it can be translated into the language of the target country using locally accepted certified translations.

Al Rahmaniya Translation offers assistance in producing certified and sworn translations accepted in 25+ countries (including the UK, USA, France, Germany, Canada, and Australia), as well as legalized translations recognized in all countries party to The Hague Convention.

Where Legal Translations are Mostly Required in Dubai, UAE?

Al Rahmaniya Translation offers Legalised Translations that are recognized and accepted by various agencies and organizations in Dubai and across the UAE, including:

  • UAE Courts
  • Free Zones
  • Dubai Land Department
  • Roads & Transport Authority (RTA)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
  • DMCC
  • All Emirati government offices

Additionally, our legally approved translations are accepted by universities, banks, courts, and foreign embassies operating within the UAE.

Reasons to Choose Us for Legal Translation in Dubai

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