Dubai Translation Services- All You Need to Know

Are you planning to relocate abroad and required to get all the necessary documents translated at an affordable price? you may decide to use the Google search engine and Google Online Translator app to get your document translated. But here a question arises is it the best way to translate a document? Or does the document or certificate translated by Google Translate not carry any mistake? These questions may make you confused in deciding how to get your document translated. But now you don’t need to worry, you have an amazing option to get your document translated perfectly.

We recommend that instead of choosing Google Translate hire professional Dubai translation services, many companies provide document translation, website translation, certificate translation, and interpreting translation services.  The best company you find in Dubai is Al Rahmaniya Legal Translation. The company became famous because of its outstanding translation services to its clients. People while searching for Dubai translation services to get legal documents translated visit Al Rehmaniya and get their documents translated at an affordable price.

What Is Mean by Legal Translation Services Dubai?

If you want to translate your document perfectly then choosing a Dubai translation services provider is best for you. More than only converting documents for legal entities like solicitors and lawyers are involved in legal document translation. Legal Translation Service Dubai is distinguished as the power to overcome difficulties that are found in documents of different in UAE. These documents are like the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, ministry of foreign affairs, and Ministry of Health, as well as free zones such as DMCC and Dubai Silicon Oasis, among other government departments, embassies, and ministries, both locally and internationally.

Given that no government department or ministry in the UAE accepts documents in languages other than Arabic, non-Arabic documents must be legally translated into Arabic before being submitted for the intended purpose. Legal translation uses vocabulary and material that are specific to the legal system of the nation of origin. With the growth of Al Rahmaniya, the demand for legal translation services in Dubai is increasing, particularly for individuals who need legal documents translated while visiting Dubai.

List Of Some Different Types of Dubai Translation Services:

Proof Document Translation:

Translation of proof documents like birth certificates which are required to be translated by a professional English to Arabic and Arabic to English translator. The marriage certificate is an important proof document that requires translation by an experienced Arabic-English or English-Arabic translator. When dealing with official matters in the UAE/KSA, it is critical to contact an expert with professional proficiency in both English-Arabic translation and vice versa. To expedite the procedure, acquire all required identity documents and enlist the assistance of a certified translator for precise translations. In addition, hiring a legal translator can provide a comprehensive solution, allowing for the translation and certification of all relevant papers at a fair cost. This guarantees a smooth and efficient translation process, which is critical for any official or legal actions.

Contract Law:

Translation of a contract into a different language requires special expertise and in-depth knowledge. Hire a professional Dubai translation services provider who has years of experience in law contracts and translates accurately and to the point. However, any business relationship involves in contract. In other words, contract law describes how businesses exchange goods and services.

Simplified Legal Translation:

Legal translation is critical in guaranteeing precision and preventing misinterpretations in a variety of document types. The exact Dubai translation services are critical in litigation documents, where terms and conditions abound, to avoid inadvertent shifts in meaning. Hiring a professional legal translator is essential for preserving document efficacy while maintaining secrecy.


Companies that deal with patents frequently seek translation services to transfer technical documentation from foreign languages to local ones. When it comes to patents, Al Rahmaniya translation company in Dubai focuses on vocabulary, terminology, and choice of words. These documents are also called technical documents and need to be translated with utmost care.

Certificate Translation:

Another important Dubai translation service offered by professional translators like al Rahmaniya is certificate translation. These translators prioritize accuracy and dependability while translating certificates and other legal documents. They ensure that every translation meets the highest professional standards. Using professionals for these translations ensures that the desired message is effectively represented, eliminating any legal or contextual problems.

Why Choose Al Rahmaniya Legal Translation for Business Documents Translate?

Al Rahmaniya Legal Translation is a one-stop shop for all of your linguistic needs. Our experienced Dubai translation services meet a wide range of needs while maintaining high quality and affordability.

· Translation of Documents:

Al Rahmaniya specializes in the translation of a wide range of documents, including corporate paperwork, contracts, and legal documents. Profit from our cost-effective solutions that ensure accuracy and precision.

· Website Translation Service:

With Al Rahmaniya’s superior Dubai translation services, you can unleash your website’s global potential. We help you drive traffic and connect with clients worldwide, whether you have an open or closed-source website.

· Marketing Translation Service:

Increase the global impact of your brand by using our Dubai translation services for marketing documents, plans, promotions, news releases, and public relations content. Al Rahmaniya ensures that your marketing message reaches a wide range of people.

· Video Games Translation Service:

The game translation and localization Dubai translation services provided by Al Rahmaniya cover every part of your game, delivering a flawless in-game experience. We design our services to match the demands of your target audience, from gaming instructions to promotions.

· Request Translation Services:

With Al Rahmaniya book localization Dubai translation services, you may go beyond literal translation. We assure cultural appropriateness by modifying language, visuals, and other elements to reflect the cultural standards of your intended audience.

· E-learning translation service:

Linguists at Al Rahmaniya have 7+ years of professional experience and work with a variety of e-learning content, such as course books, examinations, and exam documents. You may rely on us to customize your content for different markets.

· Software Translation service:

Al Rahmaniya skilled linguists provide complete software and app localization Dubai translation services center. For a more seamless user experience, optimize content, descriptions, instructions, and user reviews in different languages.

· Video Translation Service:

Al Rahmaniya trustworthy translation company in Dubai provides exceptional video translation services. Our native linguists and expert technological assistance assure great quality while removing cultural misunderstandings across multiple video kinds and platforms.